Trevor Richards
B Sides & Rarities

Opening: 6 – 8pm Friday 19 November
Exhibition: 19 November - 5 December 2021

Trevor Richards invites you to view previously unexhibited works produced over the past decade. This exhibition shows the breadth of his studio based practice, including marquettes and paintings, revealing his interest in geometry, materiality and colour relationships.

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Luminous Pursuit

Opening: 5pm-7pm Saturday 30 October
Exhibition: 30 October - 14 November 2021

An exhibition by Yoshiko and Richard Gunning

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The Speech

Opening: 6pm Friday 8 October
Exhibition: 9 – 24 October 2021

An exhibition by Clyde McGill

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Exhibition: 18 September - 3 October 2021
Opening event: 5pm Saturday 18 September
Petri Chor Performance and Maelstrom exhibition closing eventt: 6pm Sunday 3 October

Amanda Alderson : Helena Bogucki : Annette Davis : Moira Doropoulos : Susan Flavell : Lee Harrop with Perdita Phillips and Vivienne Glance : Catherine Higham : Eden Lennox : Bethamy Linton : Trish Little : Megan Kirwan-Ward : Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge : Annemieke Mulders : Belinda Newick : Shereen Ricupero : Anna Sabadini : Jenny Scott : Michelle Slarke : Tania Spencer : Louise Tasker

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This exhibition is an INDIAN OCEAN CRAFT TRIENNIAL festival event



Opening: 2pm - 4pm Saturday 28 August
Exhibition: 28 August to 12 September 2021

Vicki Ames : Linda Banazis : Monique Bosshard Curby : Marian Giles : Camilla Loveridge : Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge : Dallas Perry : Gail Russell

An exhibition by eight artists who test the languages of art making. Through diverse approaches to materials and processes, they pose questions relating to their individual practices.

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Opening: 6pm Saturday 7 August
Exhibition: 7 to 22 August 2021

A themed exhibition by Marina van Leeuwen, Jane Grierson, Clair Shenton, Eleonora Barcellona, Rae Walter, Sandra Donovan and Sonia Wee.

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Between borders
John Eden

Opening: 5pm Saturday 17 July
Exhibition: 17 July to 1 August 2021

An exhibition of drawings and paintings On March 16th 2020 I was in Patagonia when it was announced that the borders were to close. So began the race to get home. This work tells my story, a tale of COVID, anxiety and the redemptive powers of creativity in these strange and uncertain times.

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Opening: 5pm, Saturday 5 June, 2021
Exhibition: 5 - 20 June

A Photography Exhibition by Leith Alexander


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William Lathbury

Opening: 5 – 7pm, Saturday 15 May, 2021
Exhibition: 15 to 30 May




Official Opening rescheduled for: 3-5pm Saturday 1 May, 2021
Exhibition: 28 April – 9 May, 2021

New work by Gina Cinanni, Moira Doropoulos, Joel Alan Louie, Dr Anna Nazzari, Marzena Topka

A change of state from one way of being to another.

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Opening launch: 6pm Saturday 10 April, 2021 
Exhibition: 7 - 18 April, 2021

A selection of artwork over five years by Serge Tampalini. ABSTRACTS / LANDSCAPES / SCULPTURES. Liminal is derived from the Latin limen, meaning threshold

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3 Artists 3 Journeys

Opening: 2 - 4pm Sunday 14 March, 2021 
Exhibition: 13 - 26 March, 2021

An exhibition of new works by Perth based painters Ben Mitchell, Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge and Sanae Takahashi


Still, Now

Opening: 5-7pm Saturday 20 February, 2021
Exhibition: 20 February - 6 March 2021

Emma Lindegaard (Ceramics), Matthew Wright (Painting), Gabrielle Scott (Collage), Angus Mcbride (Furniture), Remington Matters (Furniture), Traianos Pakioufakis (Photography), Stephen Bailey (Furniture/Painting)











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