Exhibition: 18 September - 3 October 2021
Opening event: 5pm Saturday 18 September
Petri Chor Performance and Maelstrom exhibition closing eventt: 6pm Sunday 3 October

Amanda Alderson : Helena Bogucki : Annette Davis : Moira Doropoulos : Susan Flavell : Lee Harrop with Perdita Phillips and Vivienne Glance : Catherine Higham : Eden Lennox : Bethamy Linton : Trish Little : Megan Kirwan-Ward : Leonie Ngahuia Mansbridge : Annemieke Mulders : Belinda Newick : Shereen Ricupero : Anna Sabadini : Jenny Scott : Michelle Slarke : Tania Spencer : Louise Tasker

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This exhibition is an INDIAN OCEAN CRAFT TRIENNIAL festival event





NEXTDOOR is an exciting new exhibiting venue located on Canning Highway in the City of Melville WA. Designed to give artists a new way of showcasing and managing their work and allow an art audience to view artwork any time they choose, day or night.

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