Sojourn 2013
Featuring contemporary artists: Ron Nyisztor, Moira de la Hunty, Michael Doherty, Amanda and Harry Alderson, Brad Coleman, Daniel Webster, Emma Geary. Featuring poets: Dick Alderson, Renee Pettitt-Schipp, Annamaria Weldon. Featuring photography: Jo Wicks, Grant and Kristina Alderson.

November - January 2014

Anne McCaughey

9 - 24 November
Nyisztor Studio, Melville, WA

New Paintings
Giles Hohnen
New Works on Paper
Victor France

18 – 27 October
Opens 17 October, 2013, 6pm
Nyisztor Studio, Melville, WA

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Landscapes: Real and Imagined

Artists: Moira de la Hunty, Ron Nyisztor, Michael Doherty, Brad Coleman, Amanda Alderson, Daniel Webster, Emma Geary
oets: Renee Pettitt-Schipp, Dick Alderson, Annamaria Weldon

3 – 20 October
Opens 4 October, 2013, 6pm
Kidogo Art House, Fremantle

Curated by Amanda Alderson


When questioned he said he was wearing contacts
Brad Coleman and Amanda Alderson

August - October


Elspeth Geronimos & Greg Woodward

Photographs and paintings from Athens 2010-2013

1 – 14 October
Opens 4 October, 2013, 6pm


Max Richards

10-25 August
Nyisztor Studio, Melville

Transitioning from the walls of abandoned buildings in industrial areas into the gallery, street artist Max Richards's eclectic solo show has been developed during his time in Melbourne and Perth. Max is also exhibiting in Pure Contemplation Without Knowledge 5.

Tom by Judy Rogers  

Expedition of Discovery

14 June – 7 August

Juxtaposing contemporary art and historical narrative, the lives and discoveries of the French Explorers of the Western Australian Coast are examined in this exhibition.

Curated by Amanda Alderson, the exhibition features Penny Bovell, Victor France, Andre Lipscombe, Alan Muller, Tony Nathan, Ron Nyisztor and Judy Rogers.

Image: Tom, Judy Rogers (2012) mixed media on board, 60cm x 60cm


Pure Contemplation Without Knowledge 5

23 June – 14 July

Amanda Alderson, Greg Woodward, Beth Kirkland, Olga Cironis, Penny Coss, Penny Bovell, Michael Doherty, Moira de la Hunty, Andrew Daly, Phil McNamara, Paul Uhlmann, Helen Smith, Miriam Stannage, Nien Schwarz, Judy Rogers, Merrick Belyea, Victor France, C Walker Jackson Thomas Hoareau, Eveline Kotai, Max Richards, Alex Spremberg, Harry Hummerston, Daniel Webster, Tony Nathan, Brad Coleman, Jochen Kitzbihler, Giles Hohnen, Trevor Vickers, Rob Cleworth, Trevor Richards, Andre Lipscombe, Gera Woltjer


The Legend of Moondyne Joe, a Visual Odyssey
Michael Doherty

In The Legend of Moondyne Joe, a Visual Odyssey, Doherty explores the man and the myth behind Western Australia's best known bushranger, Moondyne Joe.

With notions taken from psychogeography, Doherty investigated sites where Moondyne Joe frequented, was captured, and incarcerated. These discoveries result in body of work that holds surreal narratives: juxtaposed imaginings sourced from site visits, historical records, dreams, popular culture and Doherty's own personal history.

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Earlieron - Lateron
Ron Nyisztor

An exhibition of recent large scale works and selected earlier projects.

Opens 16 March, 2013


Suburban Archaeology
Exploring notions of suburbia and place, Suburban Archaeology, narrated through poetry, combines contemporary art, local housing history, and artefacts salvaged through social engagement.

Curated by Amanda Alderson.

Featuring Western Australian contemporary artists, poets and local history including: Dick Alderson, Merrick Belyea, Brad Coleman, Rebecca Dagnall, Stuart Elliott, Eva Fernandez, Kate Koivisto Wheeler, Alan Muller, Ron Nyisztor, Renee Pettitt-Schipp, Shereen Ricupero, Judy Rogers, Patrizia Tonello, Tony Windberg and Annamaria Weldon. Suburban relics from Local History - City of Joondalup and the local community.

Ellenbrook Arts, Ellenbrook
4 February - 13 March 2013
Fillaudeau's café-restaurant, Caversham
8 February – 4 April 2013

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Sojourn 2012
Penny Coss, Moira de la Hunty, Michael Doherty, Alan Muller, Ron Nyisztor

December 2012 - January 2013

Sojourn 2012 catalogue



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