what I did in my summer holidays
by Colin Story

Opening: 6 - 8pm Saturday 19th November, 2016
To be opened by Andre Lipscombe

Exhibition: 20th November - 4th December, 2016

video works
explorations of familiar ground


two solo exhibitions

Secundum Vitae
by Barbie Greenshields


by Anna Sabadini

Opening: 6 - 8pm Saturday 29th October, 2016
Exhibition: 30th October - 13th November, 2016



Opening: 6 - 8pm Saturday 8th October, 2016
Exhibition: 9th - 23rd October, 2016

Bruno Booth
Nathan Brooker
Jack Caddy
Grace Connors
James Cooper
Taylor Denning
Natsumi de Dianous
George Howlett
Anthony Iocamella
Kim Kim Kim
Luke Robinson
Susan Roux
Francoise Sas
Alexander Tandy

A group show of emerging artists exploring notions of time through process, duration and labour.



Opening: 6 - 8pm Saturday 17th September, 2016.
Exhibition: 18th September - 2nd October, 2016

Jo Darbyshire
Lee Harrop
Michael Francas
Matthew Hunt
Caspar Fairhall
Matthew Thorley
Andre Lipscombe
Amanda Alderson
Louise Dickmann
Melanie Dare
Daniel Webster
Michael Doherty
David Brophy
Chris Hopewell
Alex Spremberg
Penny Coss


Three solo exhibitions:
Linda Banazis,
Louise Dickmann &
Lynnette Voevodin

Opening: 6 - 8pm Saturday 27th August, 2016.
Exhibition: 28th August - 11 September, 2016


SCENE 2016

Opening: 6pm Saturday 30 July, 2016
Exhibition: 31 July - 21 August

More information


For the Record 2016
Laszlo Lukacs

Opening: 3pm - 6pm Saturday 7 May, 2016
Exhibition: 8 May - 22 May

More information


Over Here: An Integrated Response To Sense Of Place

Curated by Anna Sabadini

Imagine yourself, your mother, and Jackson Pollock sustaining a meaningful conversation.
This is the essence of the brief put to five contemporary artists who live and practise in Albany, Western Australia

Anne Walmsley
Elizabeth Riley
Kate Campbell-Pope
Kati Thamo
Anna Sabadini

Opening 6pm Saturday 2nd April with special guest speaker Nalda Searles
Free artists' talk Saturday 16 April 6-7.30pm
Exhibition 3 April - 1 May, 2016


This project has been funded by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Culture and the Arts.


























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