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As still life subjects for paintings found objects are incorporated into dynamic compositions. The mundane subject matter used in Nyisztor's work attains compelling intrigue; it communicates a sense of the metaphysical expressed through familiar and extra -ordinary means.
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Green Plough   Green Plough   Green Plough
This series of paintings was produced in response to a unique revegetation program of degraded farmlands known as the Gondwana Link. With a variety approaches and designs, this series uses a deliberate mix of illustrative and abstract imagery.
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Iota Massif   Iota Massif   Iota Massif
Iota Massif depicts the unlikley subject of broken building material. The mundane selection of various bricks, fossicked from building sites take on an almost serene quality in a surprisingly atmospheric show. The overall impression is a fusion of romanticism and haunting mystery.
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